I used to really love contact when I was a kid. We'd go out and buy rolls and rolls of it just before school started, so I'd be able to get my new exercise books covered within the first week, and claim my spot as one of the cool kids. It never worked, possibly because instead of cars and TV stars, I always went for dinosaurs and planets. One year I covered all my books in photos of cricketers cut from Inside Edge magazine. That was pretty cool.

Okay, okay. It doesn't seem like good idea to go wantonly posting my contact details on the internet, but if you really must get in contact with me, drop me line on the next tab over or go look me up on Facebook or follow me on Twitter @GarryCondoseres.

It's lonely out in cyberspace.
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Miscellaneous Information:

I go by many names. The more informed call me Garry with 2 Rs. The less informed call me Jessica. I’m from Darwin. I’m a qualified stunt linguist. I’m a Christian, a musician, a comedian and a writer. I allegedly studied linguistics and journalism at the University of Queensland in Brisbane and lived there for four years at St. John's College. I can speak some Indonesian, some very dodgy Spanish and a smattering of Nggahi Mbojo. I like spaghetti.

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