I have a long established tradition of only doing plays where the main characters die at the end: The Cripple of Inishmaan (sort of), Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, Jesus Christ Superstar - there’s a distinct pattern here. Somehow we even managed to do it in the Taming of the Shrew. So what I thought was “I really need to branch out and try something a little more light-hearted."

Miss Saigon seemed like the logical choice. It’s a heart-warming story of exploitation, betrayal and death set in the last days of the Vietnam War. One to really get your toes tapping.

It was probably the most complicated production I’ve ever been involved with, in terms of set design, lighting, helicopters and what have you. From the audience it was probably spectacular. The reviews have certainly been good. And the principle cast were sensational.

Unlike the Taming of the Shrew season which was stretched out over a month, Miss Saigon was gone in five blurry days during which we pretty much lived in Schonell Theatre. Just as well, I’m not sure I would have lasted another week. Being an extra/part of the set in a show written to depict people in their worst possible light takes an emotional toll out of you. And the helipad was really heavy, particularly when the wheels jammed.

You would think a show like that might leave me wanting a break from theatre for a while. Well… it did, but as always the next production is just around the corner.

Make of that what you will.



Garry with 2 Rs

A few reflections on the ongoing significance of Pentecost for the 21st century Church in Australia.

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Salt and pepper, a speckled spray
even Gandalf the Grey
So many names to hurt, malign and injure
But whatever I’ve been called
I’m just grateful I’m not bald
And I thank the Lord I’m not a freaking ginger

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It’s been a long time since Kim and I have done a show together. Last time we shared a stage was Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, which was a while ago now. So it’s been a real blessing to have a chance to act together again, this time in Nash Theatre’s production of Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew.

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Now, I may have suggested earlier that the reason I’ve been a little bit rubbish in the keeping-my-website-up-to-date department is that I’ve been too busy studying. Those who know me well enough may well be thinking something along the lines of:


And you’d be right.

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