Big news out of the Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble this week.

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I don’t often have to head out and buy make up, but when I need some for a show, I really don’t think it should be this hard.

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So it's been a while since I did a musical, huh?

The last one was Miss Saigon back in 2017. It's actually just a little more than a year ago, but it seems like a whole universe away. Since that time I've been up to my eyes in shows with QMT, Nash, BATS, and now...

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Well, it was inevitable wasn’t it? No sooner had we unlocked the front door than Kim was already on the RSPCA website looking for our new kitten. We didn’t even have a web connection yet. Haven’t quite figured out how she did that.

But yes indeed. The time has come to introduce the newest member of the With 2 Rs family: Behold Scallywag Sugarpie – slayer of beetles, huntress of the upper bedrooms and mistress of all she surveys.

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One of the great opportunities available to Kim and I since moving from Darwin to Brisbane three years ago has been the chance to do a lot more community theatre. In Darwin if you want to put on a show, you’ve really got to put it together yourself. There are one or two ad hoc companies around, but if you want to do something you’re proud of your best bet is to do it yourself.

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