Well, it was inevitable wasn’t it? No sooner had we unlocked the front door than Kim was already on the RSPCA website looking for our new kitten. We didn’t even have a web connection yet. Haven’t quite figured out how she did that.

But yes indeed. The time has come to introduce the newest member of the With 2 Rs family: Behold Scallywag Sugarpie – slayer of beetles, huntress of the upper bedrooms and mistress of all she surveys.

She is pretty cute.

So it is likely that this website is now going to be changing tack again. Once upon a time it was a platform for my oh-so-incisive blogging about the importance of … basically nothing. These days it seems all I do on here is promote my own theatre shows to people who were probably coming anyway.

Well no more! In all likelihood this is now exclusively a cat photos repository. Hooray!

Here are few to get us started.




Make of that what you will.



Garry with 2 Rs


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