Our hearts cry out oh Lord
God of Abraham
And father of us all.

It's a great feeling, finally taking a step that's been coming for months. Breaking away from Darwin, and heading out. Anything's possible: We could have brand new adventures, explore unfamiliar horizons, re-invent ourselves completely.

This is a difficult letter to write.

Darwin, we’ve been friends – more than friends – for a long time now. Literally since I was born. You’ve been there for me, been a part of me, right from the beginning, and even when I left to study down south, I always knew I would come back. You can take the man out of Darwin, as they say, but you can’t take Darwin out of the man.

After any rough break-up, the process of moving on is always tricky. And if the failed relationship is with an entire city, and moving on means literally moving house to a city 3000 km away, it gets ridiculous.

This month at Happy Yess Comedy, we had a show and tell night. The idea was to rock up with some strange or quirky item from your house and do a five minute set about it.

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