A lot different things come to mind when people consider Kim and me as a partnership. Everything from “well, that was probably inevitable,” to “What the hell was she thinking?” I’m not sure how many would think to themselves, “that’s the sort of couple other Christian couples should strive to be like.” Probably none. And just as well.

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Our hearts cry out oh Lord
God of Abraham
And father of us all.

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After any rough break-up, the process of moving on is always tricky. And if the failed relationship is with an entire city, and moving on means literally moving house to a city 3000 km away, it gets ridiculous.

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It's a great feeling, finally taking a step that's been coming for months. Breaking away from Darwin, and heading out. Anything's possible: We could have brand new adventures, explore unfamiliar horizons, re-invent ourselves completely.

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This is a difficult letter to write.

Darwin, we’ve been friends – more than friends – for a long time now. Literally since I was born. You’ve been there for me, been a part of me, right from the beginning, and even when I left to study down south, I always knew I would come back. You can take the man out of Darwin, as they say, but you can’t take Darwin out of the man.

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