Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. Finally. Finished, wrapped, bumped out and unmemorized. What did the public think?

Probably nothing. Nobody came, and we just about broke even on the entire venture. Yeah well, sometimes you’re gonna get that when you chance your arm at absurdist Shakespearean tragicomedy. Next time I’m just going to put on a two hour review titled “Jokes About Penises”. Seems to be where the zeitgeist is going.

Pirates could happen to anyone.

I ran into an old school teacher of mine, who had this enlightening perspective to give:

Teacher: There he is! I saw your ad. It looked really fantastic. Congratulations!
Gw2Rs: Thanks very much. What did you think of the play?
Teacher: The play? Oh I didn’t go to that. The ad looked good though.
Gw2Rs: Right. Thanks.

But by far the best response I got was the well intentioned soprano who stopped me to ask

“What happened to the moustache?”

I paused and just looked at her for a moment to let the absurdity of the question wash over her for a second. What did she imagine had happened to it? Had I taken a particularly deep breath and inhaled it back up my nose? Perhaps midget gypsies had attacked, held me down and waxed my lip while I sang excerpts from Les Miserables. Perhaps it was still there. Perhaps the moustache was the only thing that was real and the rest of my face was a shared delusion experienced concurrently by everyone.

Possibly I paused a little bit too long. It seemed somehow anticlimactic to simply explain: “I shaved it off.”

And about time too. Make of that what you will.


Garry with 2 Rs

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