I go by many names. The more informed call me Garry with 2 Rs. The less informed call me Jessica. I’m from Darwin. I’m a qualified stunt linguist. I’m a Christian, a musician, a comedian and a writer. I allegedly studied linguistics and journalism at the University of Queensland in Brisbane and lived there for four years at St. John's College. I can speak some Indonesian, some very dodgy Spanish and a smattering of Nggahi Mbojo. I really like spaghetti.

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The first time I heard the Jesus Christ Superstar soundtrack, I was 10 years old and about half way through primary school. My mum bought the highlights album from the Australian cast recording, with John Farnham as Jesus, John Stevens as Judas and Kate Ceberano as Mary Magdalene. I must have listened to it hundreds of times, and spent hours trying to hit those high notes the way Johnny did. My voice hadn't broken yet and and I still couldn't reach them.

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My experience of local elections has always been a bit skewed by my perspective as a Territorian. As they do with just about everything else, Darwinites tend to put the local into local council. Whether we’re electing the caretaker from the Botanic Gardens as Lord Mayor or watching on bemusedly as “elected officials” wield golf clubs and Darth Vader masks, voting for councillors in Darwin always seemed to be actually be about voting for someone you had some basic idea about.

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As much as I try to convince myself that I’m a free thinking, self-aware, auto-actualising free agent, there’s no denying I’m as much a technology dependent screen-faced product of my culture as anyone else. I basically live out of my computer. I use it for communication, education, banking, recreation and now, having congratulated ourselves so hardily for not owning a TV, we even watch TV on the stupid thing.

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A few posts ago I mentioned how ominously close our new unit is to Indooroopilly Shopping Centre. In some ways it's really convenient; we can buy almost anything we'd ever need at a one-stop shop just a couple of blocks away. On the other hand,living in the shadow of the local bastion of fashion and rampant consumerism sometimes does feel a little ... icky.

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