When one travels in strange lands among foreign cultures, it is always a good idea to set oneself a goal of taking in a new cultural experience. Fortunately, the locals in the country we’ve visited are more than happy to provide instructive cultural experiences on almost a daily basis.

Kim and I are spending Christmas with her family over in America. It’s a brand new experience for me. Traditionally, of course, Christmas is associated with summer, so it’s really interesting to spend time in a weird alternative culture where it’s cold and wintery and yet still Christmas. I don’t know how they even manage to celebrate it.

A lot different things come to mind when people consider Kim and me as a partnership. Everything from “well, that was probably inevitable,” to “What the hell was she thinking?” I’m not sure how many would think to themselves, “that’s the sort of couple other Christian couples should strive to be like.” Probably none. And just as well.

Just a short update today, as I’ve just discovered something fantastic. At the church I work for there is a number they call when couples planning weddings make a very specific request.

Our hearts cry out oh Lord
God of Abraham
And father of us all.

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