Fast forward twelve years or so. After a brief dry patch of about a decade I’m now with my second ever girlfriend. I guess at this stage you could say things are getting a bit serious, as I’m steeling myself for the ultimate jewellery shop excursion: Operation Engagement Ring.

 Yes. Kim, who is now my wife, was only my second ever girlfriend. Some might think this odd. I like to think of it a fairly impressive strike rate in terms of matrimonial conversion percentage. Take your pick.

Still smarting from my previous jewellery shop debacle, this time I was determined not to go in unprepared. I spent a solid two hours researching everything there was to know about diamond rings, and what features I would need to be conversant in when I made my final incursion. I was also relying on the fact that I was now 30 years old instead of 18 to count for something.


Three laps of Casuarina and four aborted entry attempts saw me slumped despairingly in the food court, wondering if marriage was really for me. Eventually I summoned the unabashed gumption to walk into one of the shop fronts and ask about rings.

Jewellery Shop Lady: Is there something I can help you with?

Gw2Rs: I… um… well…

The Ghost of Obi-wan Kenobi: Remember your training, young one.

Yeah I don’t know how he got there either. It was probably Chris’ doing too for all I know.

Gw2Rs: “I was wondering if you have any S-sized 18 carat white-gold settings for princess-cut, P level clarity half carat white diamonds available?”

JSL: (Obviously impressed by the depth of Garry’s knowledge (ie. Ability to google diamond characteristics), the cut of his jib and the incorporeal presence of a dead jedi) Certainly sir. How much were you looking to spend?

And things progressed from there. Two and a half years later, here we are, still married, nowhere near Casuarina and I still catch Kim gazing wistfully at her diamond ring from time to time. Result.

 So why do jewellery shops still freak me out? And what does this have to do with being unemployed? Has this blog entry gotten away from you completely?


Part 1    Part 3

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