I swore I wasn’t going to do this. So I didn’t.

But then I swore I was going to write more, and then I also didn’t do that.

The thing is that the reason I don’t write much any more is because of the thing that I swore I wasn’t going to make this blog be about.

Perhaps it’s inevitable.

Or perhaps I can find ways to make this blog back into the bastion or sardonic elegance that it never really was to begin with and avoid making it into one of those… you know.

Alright… here goes.

We had a baby. There. Ae you happy now?

And I flat out refuse to be the perpetrator of a mummy blog. Or a daddy blog. Apparently those are things too. Whatever. The point is this isn’t one. It’s a blog by someone who never has time to write about the cutting issues of the day like Covid-19, floods, the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, spaceships, the death of Shane Warne, climate change, slacktivism, the inevitable heat-death of the universe, milkfish, test cricket or my wife.

It certainly isn’t about how nice it is to be able to write again instead of changing nappies, or how adorable my son is while he’s napping, giving me the time to write again, or how I honestly hadn’t even noticed nearly two years had gone by without a real post on my blog because my life is so full of looking after the little bundle of…


Here is a picture of a mango

Make of that what you will

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