I’m a big fan of U2’s work, both musically and humanitarian…ly so last week while I was in Brisbane I went to the U2 360° concert. I’ve been trying for three days since to find the best way describe the experience in writing. I’ve decided that it probably can’t be done. But I’ve always held that just because something is impossible is no reason not to do it. So here, in my typically sophisticated, eloquent, counter clockwise and totally-not-a-squealing-fan-girl style, is my literary portrayal of U2 360°. Enjoy.

We queued up for about five hours but it was definitely worth it because we managed to get a spot right next to the circle stage under the dome set which was freaking huge and shaped like a giant green and orange space invader and once we got inside we watched three guys getting harnessed into the lighting rig and hoisted up about twenty feet above the crowd to run the lights show which was spectacular but even so you would normally think that putting on such a grandiose display would make the band themselves seem small by comparison, but Bono and his mates rocked out and made the whole space ship seem exactly the right size, mainly because all four of them are basically built out of solidified charisma and next thing I know they're out walking along the stage and I'm a metre and half away from The Edge which is just nuts, not to take anything away from the awesomeness of the set which swirled around and set off a light show that would have been literally mind boggling if that was semantically possible and then there was the sound blasting out of speakers that really were the size of my unit playing all my favourite songs and celebrating with Aung San Suu Kyi and then playing “In The Name of Love” and my head just about exploded (that one’s probably purely figurative) but that might have had as much to do with getting a lung full of smoke machine and then Bono wanders out in a leather jacket with lazer pointers sewn into it  shooting beams everywhere and two days later my ears were still ringing (really) and I still couldn’t stop smiling and I bought a T shirt.

But I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.



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