Strangely enough, I’ve received a few comments from friends in the three dimensional world regarding my list of goals for 2011. Most have suggested that there’s a certain goal on the list that doesn’t quite seem realistic, or at the very least seems to be well outside my ability to influence it. Given my lifestyle, attitude and general health lately, I would ordinarily tend to agree. However just recently there have been some very promising signs suggesting it may be time to take the red pen to my to-do list a little earlier than we had anticipated. And obviously as a blogger and compulsive attention junkie, I feel compelled to tell you all about it. Aren’t you lucky?

I’ve joined a social Wednesday night mixed volley ball team. I’ve been getting to know the other girls and guys on the team a bit over the past few weeks and we’re getting along really well as a social unit, if you know what I mean. As a volley ball team, on the other hand, we are utterly abysmal, and haven’t quite managed to win a game yet. But we’re having fun.

By pure coincidence at the same as this has been happening, the inter-congregational social soccer game has started up again on Sunday afternoons at my old school. I love getting out and hanging out with folk from other churches, as well as having a run around with some social soccer. You never know who you’re going to bump into there either.

On top of all that, now I’m playing Sepak Takraw two or three nights a week as well. I’m still working on a write-up on that for those of you wondering what’s going on. Stay tuned. Couple that with an intention to get back into cricket once a few other variables in my life get sorted out and we’re looking at the makings of a veritable, if not capable, sports nut. I'm sitting in my room typing this up and enjoying the first night in almost a week that I haven't been out doing something active. It's crazy, I tell you.

And if I can keep this sort of regime up, I should get myself down to 90kg in no time. I never thought it was possible until it started to happen to me.

Make of that what you will. And don’t look at me like that.



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