One of my goals for 2011 (check the right sidebar) was to get myself a new job. Just three months in, today that dream becomes a reality.

Sort of.

It’s true that my applications to join the glamorous and untouchable ranks of the local media posse have yielded a big fat zero. I’ve also been flat out rejected by the Northern Territory Government (to be fair, I don’t exactly endorse them at the moment either). And Channel Nine’s copywriting team sent me the nicest rejection notice I’ve received in quite a while.

So I’ve gone internal. I’m taking up a new position with TCU. Gone are the days of Garry the training officer. Now I have a shiny new badge that says “Operations Supervisor”. I had to make it myself, and it doesn’t really match my uniform, but that’s not the point.

It’s a slight pay bump, and it will mean a lot less time spent in plastic boxes behind reinforced fences in the middle of nowhere. So in general, it’s an improvement, but there’s no getting around the fact that I’m taking the next bold step along a career I don’t really want in the first place. The senior management announced the promotion last week at a staff meeting, and everyone has been very enthusiastic in congratulating me, which is nice. One of the senior managers even went so far as to say “That’s great. You’ll be one of us in no time”. He meant well enough by it, I’m sure, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard a more frightening prediction, and that includes the time my Scripture Union mentor told me if I kept playing keyboard at church, I’d end up married within five years by sheer force of numbers.

That also turned out to be complete rubbish, thank God.

I spent most of today moving my stuff from my old desk to my new one. I’m responsible for the tellers, branch coordinators and receptionist, and it’s now my job to make sure that everything that has to happen each day happens each day. Which basically means that instead of my boss calling me to cover for whatever part of the process can’t happen today, now I’ll just do it myself.

Make of that what you will. I know I will.



Garry with 2 Rs

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