So I’ve about had it with my blog.

Readership is down, comments are down, interest is down and my ability – let alone inclination – to come up with four interesting things to write about each month is way down.

Actually, if I could have characterised August in a word, it would probably have been “down.” Or maybe “accessorise”.

No. “Down” says it better. It’s nice to be out the other side of that one.

So I’m taking September off. I’ll spend a few weeks writing other things that I care about just as much but have been neglecting (sketch comedy, music, my first novel etc) and working on a few of my unchecked checklist items.

No. Not that one.

I have every intention of coming back bigger and better (this will probably be more accurately described as “similar”) in October, but in case I lose interest permanently, always keep in mind Albert Einstein’s immortal exclamation on conceiving the theory of relativity:

“What the?”



Garry with 2 Rs

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