Take my heart, hand in hand
To where the sea and sunshine fall
Dance our feet here in the sand
Songs of love don’t need a sound

That’s an extract from Compliments of Gus’ song “Songs of Love Don’t Need a Sound,” from the “If This is the End” album. Steve and Rachel had asked if I could learn to play it and if Steve’s sister would sing it for the signing of the register. It’s a flowing piano ballad, which means that the recording of it gives Jared Haschek a chance to show off what a colossal freak on the piano he is. In a good way.

It also poses a set of interesting questions.

1) Exactly how was I supposed to do that?

2) How many metaphors can you mix up before your lyrics become completely obfuscated

3) If songs of love don’t need a sound, how come we needed a band for the wedding?

4) Why don’t people use the word obfuscated more often? It’s cool.

Yes… so this post is supposed to be about music for the big day. It hasn’t started well.

Music practice was on the Thursday night before the big day. Unfortunately the drummer couldn’t make it. Also none of us remembered to bring any copies of the music we were supposed to be practising. Church musicians for the win. It was all a little ad hoc, but that’s kind of how we roll.

The exception was the sister of the groom, who was absolutely insistent on delivering a polished, well-rehearsed performance. That’s a good thing, right? Anyway, that particular performance must have been the most prepared I’ve been for a song in a church service in about five years. I mean, we must have played it upwards of six times before doing it for real. It was pretty good.

Anyway, there’s another post coming about the wedding day in general, but as a teaser, here’s a copy of the musical programme for the day, as it happened. I’ll let you make of it what you will.

Incidental music before the service: Piano solo rendering of variations on the Theme from Star Trek: Voyager (surprisingly catchy)

Bridal procession: (recording) Abigail’s Song (from the 2010 Doctor Who Christmas Special)

First hymn: Great is Thy Faithfulness

Second hymn: Spirit Flowing Through Creation (I didn’t know this one before the wedding, but it was nice)

Signing of the Register: Songs of Love Don’t Need a Sound, by Compliments of Gus (We nailed it)

Recessional: Pipe Organ rendition of Song of Freedom from the finale of Doctor Who series 4 (or series 31, depending on your point of view)

Bridal Waltz: Theme from Jaws (not really)

Video message from the reception: reasonably intoxicated chorus of Songs of Love Don't need a Sound, before the camera died on us. We're awesome.

Song that was stuck in my head on the ride home: With You, Friends, by Skrillex (I don’t know why).

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