It’s been a little bit too long between posts hasn’t it?

My problem at the moment isn’t so much that there’s nothing going on for me. It’s more that I’ve got so much on the go constantly I don’t get any time to sit and write any more. And nothing going on that’s really worth a whole post in its own right anyway. Well… nothing that I’m prepared to post to my blog yet, but that’s a non-post for another day.

Meanwhile the Christmas season continues to cartwheel along. I’ve got my usual array of carols services to attend, plus the never ending procession of Christmas parties, housewarming parties and weddings. It’s a hard life, isn’t it?

It looks like of I’ve got work lined up for at least the first six months of next year. Meanwhile I’ve joined the committee for the Australian Sepak Takraw Association and applied for a place at the Uniting Church National Young Adult Leaders’ Conference. I’m really extremely busy and important, don't you know?

I’ve had a few – okay one person – ask me when the next Write-Me-Back Falls episode is due for production. Unfortunately the Mythological Creatures and Imaginary Women’s union have staged a strike and are demanding a pay increase of eight per cent over three years and an end to single episode contracts. I attempted to recast, but the production crew voted in solidarity with the imaginary women (I think they’re a bit frightened of them, which is understandable) and aren’t working until the dispute is resolved.

So bollocks to the unions. They’re a pack of bludgers, the lot of them. If I’m keeping so busy that I don’t have time to write, I can’t see why they can’t deign to show up in a post every now and then. Bally Bolsheviks. So…production on the Write-Me-Back Falls is on hiatus until the cast see reason and come back to work. Apparently they can’t be moved at the moment because they’re standing by the waterside. I pushed Biscuit Lady in, just to make my point, but I don’t think it improved the general situation any.

I’ll keep you posted.



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