I’ve been a little flat out of late. I’ve spent more time travelling in the last month than I have in my own home, though that's largely because I’ve also moved house in the middle of it. Last night, as I collapsed into bed after yet another flight home from Sydney – which this time was delayed by an hour and a half – I was struck by what a strange sensation it was: I was inordinately grateful to be sleeping in my own bed again, and also acutely aware that I’ve really not slept in it more than a dozen times so far anyway. I do like it, though.

Anyway, a side consequence of being so insanely busy over the Christmas/New-Year/Freak-Me-Sideways-It’s-February-Already period is that I really haven’t taken time to take stock of 2012. It’s not really appropriate to post New Years’ reflections half way through February, but if you think respect of literary convention is going to stop me, you’re obviously reading the wrong blog.

Well okay then. 2012 was, on the balance of things, pretty freaking awesome. Especially considering that it was the rebound from 2011, which sucked monumentally. 2012 was the year I escaped from the credit union and joined the public service. The year my sister got married. The year I finally got One Body off the ground. The year I joined the chorale. The year I took up comedy with Happy Yess. The year I came home to DMUC.

The year Kim and I finally got our act together.

So what does 2013 hold for Cum Tacent Clament?

I’ve decided the time has come to go commercial. To renovate my blog into a blend of hipster book reviews, vegetarian casserole recipes and advice/inspiration for other young mothers out there, and then sell it to Woolworths.

Not really.

2013 looks to be a year to build on the foundations of the last year. Last Thursday I had a meeting with some other guys about how we can take One Body and really make it into something that can energise and unite people across the city, instead of just being a worship jam session that we slap together at the last minute. This evening, I’m off to meeting to organise marketing for Happy Yess comedy, to try and make it something we can actually be proud of, and that can really build a local core of entertainers.

In short, 2013, looks be the year where “consistently half-arsed” gets removed from my résumé. And as much as I’ve enjoyed being the guy who repeatedly gets away with putting in almost no effort, I think I’m okay with that. I’m closing in on a milestone birthday which may or may not disqualify me from the twenty-something bloggers collective, and maybe it’s time for me to do something a little more concrete with myself.

It seems to be the thing to do to create a “Thirty before thirty” list to silently judge oneself against. As with most such conventions, I’ve chosen to simultaneously acknowledge it and deride it. You can find my list of stuff on the right over there.

Some goals are more realistic than others, as usual. Deal with it.



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