After the unexpected awesomeness of last weekend, I decided to return the favour by jumping on a plane to hang out with Kim in Sydney for a weekend. Unlike Kim’s effort, mine was pre-planned, so we were able to schedule an action packed weekend of glitz, glamour and excitement.


I got in terribly early on Saturday morning after a sleepless flight (thanks Jetstar for once again making everything as inconvenient as possible) so after a quick nap on Kim’s couch we were ready to roll. First up was a trip to the cinema to see the Great Gatsby, which we had both been waiting to see until we could see it together. We both enjoyed it, and spent a considerable part of the bus ride home comparing and contrasting it with the book. We came to the conclusion that naturally the book was able to go into more detail, but that the book could have been improved by the inclusion of Leonardo DiCaprio, who basically carried the film. And the movie was more colourful.

After Gatsby we called in to Saturday Night Church at CBTB in Kirribilli. It was nice to catch up with everyone again, and after church we all went back to a friend’s place for a fellowship meal like the good parishioners we are. That was really cool.

Sunday was even more spectacular. We headed into town for a matinee showing of Jesus Christ Superstar. I’ve been a fan of this show ever since my mum bought the Australian cast recording back in the early nineties and it didn’t disappoint this time either. Tim Minchin as Judas Iscariot was an inspired casting choice, and Andrew O’Keefe was surprisingly good as King Herod too.

After Superstar we had dinner at one of Kim’s favourite restaurants and then wandered down to Darling Harbour to watch the aquatechnic displays for the Vivid festival. That was pretty cool and a nice way to cap off the evening. By the end of all that we were both completely exhausted, so we said goodnight and I crashed in my hotel room.

Monday was a public holiday (thanks Your Majesty) and we met some friends of ours for a nice picnic lunch at Balmoral. And by the time we got back from that, we had just enough time to recuperate before heading off to the airport for my flight back home.

Thankfully I was able to head into work on Tuesday to have a rest from the long weekend.

Make of that what you will.



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