I bought a block of chocolate earlier this week. When I took the foil wrapper off, I was amazed to discover a second layer of foil inside it. Can you believe it? A chocolate block that had been wrapped in two layers of foil. Incredible!

Also making news this week: I've secured a new unit to move into. I'll be living in a two bedroom flat with a mate from uni and moving from the north shore to Sydney's inner-west. It won't be as convenient as living in walking distance from work has been, but the 50% reduction in rent is enough to make it well worth it! I'll send out a spam with my new postal address. If you know me and don't get one, drop me a comment and I'll fill you in.

Our rebranded and relaunched bible studies are starting next week. We're going through 1 Corinthians, which is going to be terrific (It's my favourite book).

We played a simultaneous chess match at our club the other night with a guy who came equal fifth in the national chess championships. He played 15 of us at once, and came away with 14 wins and a draw. It would have to be the most ironic stat in the history of chess that the guy he drew with was me. That won't stop me gloating about it though. I'm considering having a t-shirt made.

I think I'm going to learn sign language starting in May.

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