Last year I got involved with a couple of shows with the Darwin Chorale. One of them was a fantastic program of greatest hits from Broadway, with the Symphony Orchestra and a whole host of great (and some ordinary) solo performances. The other one was a slightly less salubrious but still reasonably charming review of Australian folk music. So you can guess straight away which one got funding from the government for a regional tour.



Australian Horizons made its grand return to the NT circuit last weekend, with a troupe of about a dozen of us trekking off down to such well renowned concert venues as the Adelaide River Show Society (ARSS for short) and the Pine Creek Community Centre. And a weekend away with minibus load of sopranos was just what the doctor ordered.

My doctor has some unresolved issues. We’re working on it.

Adelaide River was a bit of a laugh. We all booked in to our accommodation and set up behind the stage at the Show Society platform. A few of the locals rocked up, but it wasn’t really clear whether they were there for the concert or the bar. I guess they got both either way.

The next morning we set out for Pine Creek. It was only an hour away, but by the time we got there:

  • One of the basses had sprained his wrist packing up the set
  • One of the altos had given herself a hernia carrying heavy boxes around
  • One of the sopranos had face planted the driveway at Adelaide river and cut her face to pieces

And it wasn’t even lunch time yet.

Meanwhile, Pine Creek surprised me by being a surprisingly good venue. The community centre there has a ranged stage, lights and even a back stage area, although it was full of … something and we couldn’t use it. Also: the accommodation out there blew me away. Someone obviously decided that a tropical resort would be a good idea in the middle of nowhere. We weren’t complaining, but I can’t imagine it will make enough money to keep it running long.

And tragically I couldn’t take full advantage of it, as I was needed on Sunday morning in Darwin, and had to drive back Saturday night. But now I get to say I’ve done a show in Pine Creek and Adelaide River, and next weekend we’re off to Jabiru.

I can’t wait.



Garry with 2 Rs

PS Jill's face was fine.

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