Wednesday 16th October

A requirement of my application was to attend an appointment with a local employment adviser. It was a session to make sure my job searching skills were up to scratch and that I knew how to create and present a resume. I don’t want to be too cynical about this process, because for many people, particularly those afflicted with long-term unemployment, they are important skills. But for me, who is only at Centrelink in the first place as a last resort because my well developed and polished resume is achieving jack squat in the workplace, attending a meeting with a job coach did seem like a bit of a waste of time.


Fortunately, the nice ladies at Wise Employment tended to agree with me. They were confident enough that I’d find work soon. The fact that I still haven’t is quite beside the point, obviously. After an inordinate amount of IT troubles, I finally resolved to send them my resume by email from home, which I could have done without the appointment, but that’s fine. At least we got the box ticked.

Friday 18th October

I received a letter from Centrelink informing me that I had an appointment scheduled with Wise Employment on Wednesday 16th and warning that there would be consequences for my application if I failed to attend. Fortunately for both me and for Centrelink, I am a time traveller. Or just do what I need to without a two-days-late letter to tell me. Or whatever.

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