I’ve had a bit of an exciting week. I’ve just gotten engaged to my beautiful fiancée, which means that my fiancée and I are now creatively finding as many ways as possible to work the word fiancée into every sentence we utter (fiancée). I made a bit of a spectacle of myself in the whole proposal process, and I was a little alarmed to see not just my friends, but a few complete strangers filming the event on smart phones.

It’s not that I’m shy by any means, it just meant we were immediately in a race against time to get to all the family and close friends of me and my fiancée by phone before YouTube beat us to it. It sounds silly, but when we went FB official with it after a couple of days, we had over a hundred likes in less than two hours, which was really affirming and really quite intimidating at the same time. I wish I could send the screenshot to my high school self, and say “don’t worry about it mate, this is how popular you’re going to be one day.

“Also this is the girl you end up with, so when you happen across her in a church in Sydney, maybe don’t stuff around for five years before you get around to asking her out? Yeah.” I have a complicated relationship with… myself.

So... back to the engagement story

We went out for dinner with some friends to our favourite restaurant in Darwin and had a lovely dinner. Our mate Angus excused himself because he needed to get some money from the ATM while we contemplated the dessert menu. He reappeared a few minutes later and began to play his accordion (Yeah. I have an accordion guy) for the restaurant. And well… what’sa serial show pony like me supposed to make of that?

I got up and sang.

Everyone thinks ‘O Sole Mio is in Italian, but Wikipedia informs me it’s actually in Neapolitan, a distinction I’m sure all the other tables in the restaurant appreciated. They certainly applauded when I stopped singing and got on my knee for the ceremonial bling presentation.

After all that nonsense, thank goodness she said yes.

So… there you have it. Engaged to Kim. Wow. Fiancée.

Still figuring out what to make of this myself.



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