I spent last weekend in Sydney again. Between us, Kim and I have been keeping Jetstar in business for the last twenty months and every time one of takes a trip to see the other, we almost always end up with a weekend so packed full of activities that we don’t actually get much time to relax.


This trip was no exception. No sooner had I settled in to Sydney than we were off to watch Six60 play at the HiFi. They’ve come a long a way since the last time I saw them and it was a very big and very enjoyable concert. After the show, we hung out backstage with Chris and got another taste of the rock’n’roll lifestyle as we all piled into a minivan and tripped back to the band’s hotel. I don’t know how he does it; that lifestyle would run me into the ground within a month.

Saturday was just as packed. My family joined us in Sydney and we had lunch and did some shopping. We all popped in to Saturday Night By The Bridge before heading over to The Loft at Darling Harbour for our Engagement Party. That was a fantastic night with friends from all over the place in a nice setting. There was some concern that we wouldn’t have a place to put everyone, but after some logistical juggling by the staff we were nicely accommodated with our own private corner. Very nice.

Sunday saw us cavorting with family around Circular Quay. The weather was horrible, but we had a nice lunch before we put the family back on the plane to Adelaide and took off to meet Nic, our friend and photographer. We had and engagement photo shoot scheduled for that afternoon. Thankfully the weather cleared up nicely, and we spent two and a half hours being serial posers around the shores of Kirribilli. That was great fun.

Kim had to work Monday, so I amused myself wandering around the CBD looking for clothes for the wedding. I don’t want to spoil the final effect, but I will way I found just the thing, and that no-one is likely to mistake me for anyone else on the big day.

By the time I got into Darwin at midnight on Monday, I was thoroughly spent, but it was a great weekend and a nice way to celebrate with family and friends. Now to turn our attention to the wedding itself.

Make of that what you will.



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