I’m having another one of those blogging weeks that I have so much I should probably be writing about, but I’m not writing about any of it.


I mean, I say “should be writing about it” but I’m not sure what I mean by that. There’s nothing going on that I am under any obligation to reveal publicly. Nor is it anything that I think anyone is really hanging out to hear about. Yet somehow there’s a sense in my head that by not writing about it I’m letting someone down.  If I ever find out who that someone is I’m going to kick his arse.

It may be me. My point still stands.

I feel like everything’s in a transitional state at the moment. My job hunting is still going on strong in the background. In fact I’m now racking up more rejections per month than at any time in my history. I’m still playing sepak takraw a few times a week and was disappointed not to make the Australian squad for the up-coming world cup. Almost as disappointed as the Australian squad was when the up-coming world cup was postponed indefinitely. Huh.

One Body is proving difficult, with two local churches declining invitations to get involved, for various reasons, some of which were even legitimate. I’m sure we’ll be back soon, but it makes it difficult to push on when you start to lose the sense that the community is in any way interested. We’ll get there.

I’m still getting up for the odd comedy set, even armed with a fantastic new red jacket. If a few things tip my way I might even start to make a bit of money from it. There again, maybe not.

And then there’s the fact that this blog is about to move…

Yep. After so many years at blogger.com and after a thoroughly inspiring course of night classes, Cum Tacent Clament is about to become:


It’s not as imaginative a name, but at least it has the advantage of being in English, and a slightly more accurate description of what the website is about.

If you bothered clicking the link, you’ve probably discovered it’s not fully operational yet. I'll post a final update here when I’m ready to move permanently.

And speaking of moving permanently…

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