I’ve just come back from ten days in Darwin, the home town of both myself, and, I like to think, God. I’m trying to think of any time in the last five years that I have felt as refreshed as I do at the moment, and I can’t. It was that good. Of course, it will all evaporate tomorrow morning when I go back to work, but that can wait until tomorrow.

When I first moved to Sydney, it took me about two months to get myself sorted out for a chess club. It took me over six months to get myself onto the music team at church. After twelve months, I still haven’t been able to connect with a social sports team, and the lack of regular exercise is starting to show. None of this is necessarily a poor reflection on Sydney (especially the exercise part – that’s all me), it’s just the way things go in a city with plenty of people to choose from.

Compare this to Darwin; after being in the city for less than three days, in one day I was asked to serve as a communion steward at one church, a worship musician at another and a fill-in batsman for a social indoor cricket team.

I did all the necessary stuff; I spent a day at Litchfield, an evening at Mindil Beach, a couple of afternoons at Casuarina, and several days doing basically bugger-all. All of this without the requisite stress and constant forward planning that goes with living in Sydney. For ten whole days I felt more at peace than I have for ages. Of course, some of that was to do with the fact that I was on holidays, but I think a large part is also to do with Darwin being so much more awesome than Sydney.

I’ve said in earlier posts that I plan on getting over Sydney and moving back home at some stage. I think I’ve just picked up a resolution to actually put some sort of plan together. If only I was any good with plans.

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