I've had a nice Easter. I went along to Good Friday and Easter Sunday services at Westbourne Park Uniting. Some of the people there have decided to call me Martin instead of Garry. Apparently it's terribly clever and amusing to call me by some randomly made up name rather than the name I was born with. Those crazy kids!

I was out to dinner with my family this evening and decided to order rigatoni of the amatriciana flavour. Employing my linguistic knowledge, I wondered aloud whether it would be pronounced "rigatoni amatriciana" or whether a more correct Italian form would be "rigatoni amatriciani" (If you happen to speak Italian or …chefish could you leave a comment with the answer? I'm still genuinely curious). My sister looked at me in a manner which suggested I was spontaneously growing a second nose and asked "why would it change?" I wanted to throw my pasta at her, but it hadn't arrived yet.

Far from home


Garry with 2 Rs

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