I dunno... what's it been? Ten days since my last blog entry? I'm starting to become a serial blogger, I think I may be developing a problem. Nonetheless here are some things that have made the last few days good for me. Were they good for you?

I went to Adam Hills' stand-up show 'Joymonger' at the Thebarton Theatre on Friday night. He was really funny, but the more impressive thing was how genuine he was. Just being himself, telling stories about things that annoy him and things that make him laugh. He had a really positive message and angle, which was refreshing after seeing a lot of performers stand up and be negative about themselves or others. That was really cool.

Australia mopped the floor with South Africa. Obviously I'm talking about the cricket world cup, as opposed to some sort of monumental tectonic upheaval resulting in the continent of Australia literally mopping some floor (probably the floor of the Indian Ocean, which admittedly is very wet) with the country of South Africa. Clearly this is a highly improbable event at best, and it was a waste of your freaking time to have even suggested it. I apologise. The point is, or was, that Australia's national one-day cricket team soundly defeated that of South Africa. One more for the good guys!

Josh Lyman kissed Donna Moss tonight on Australian television. This would count as one for the good guys, except for the fact that both parties were, and remain thus far, fictional. Nonetheless, it's about time. As Donna herself put it, "it was bound to happen sooner or later".

On Saturday night I babysat (babysitted? Babysunk?) my cousins, who are 6 and 4 (at last count). Catherine, the six year old, introduced me to her new favourite musical, believing it to be one that I might be interested in. She was quite amazed to discover that I'd actually already heard of Cats. Boy oh boy am I going to be cousin of the year when they get around to asking me if I can play anything from it...

I have just four days left on my CELTA course. This is a very good thing. Not that it hasn't been enjoyable, just a whole heap of stress and an intense workload. Still, it means my job prospects are good here in Adelaide and, more importantly, good in Europe. Trust God to come to the party just when it looked like I was starting to lack direction, hmm?

Oh freak me sideways, this is by far the longest blog ever. No way has anyone stuck around to read this far. And to prove it, I take this opportunity to announce my candidacy for the position of chairman of the Western Australian branch of the Country Womens' Association. Drop me a comment letting me know what you think if you've actually read this far.

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