For Kim



I love you more than words can truly say
and by God's grace I stand before you now
and promise to stand by you, come what may
and make myself your husband with this vow

I make this vow through no strength of my own,
which is inconstant, fleeting, weak and poor,
but in the strength of Jesus Christ alone
which has no end, nor limit. Now, therefore

uopn my honour, and before the Lord
and all these witnesses assembled here
with everything my life may yet afford
I'll love you faithfully, and persevere

through trial or sickness, poverty, or strife
or bountiful prosperity and bliss.
I'll honour, serve and hold you as my wife
and bear this ring as testament to this.

Whatever circumstance the Lord shall give
All yours, as long as both of us shall live.



Garry with 2 Rs

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