Oh golly. Those last two posts were a bit intense, weren’t they? Time for a more uplifting, inspirational and – frankly- honest expose on what’s really going on in my head. Oh, and I suppose Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and any other major cultural festivals I may have failed to acknowledge in the two and a half weeks since I last posted anything. By way of explanation of what goes on in this brain, here’s a list of Christmas presents.


  • A BBQ
  • An Australian edition of Cards Against Humanity
  • A commentary on St. Paul’s letters to the Corinthians
  • An Optimus Prime action figure
  • A milkshake maker
  • More chocolate than I care to think about right now
  • A cutlery set (presumably to aid in consuming the chocolate and milkshakes in a typically classy manner)

So now it’s 2015 and I have more life, career and financial goals ahead of me than I can even handle at once, I’m gearing up to celebrate Back to the Future day, and somehow I went off to Adelaide with three books and came back with ten. Still, I guess that beats having nothing to read.

I’ve started writing again. Because, you know, apparently I haven’t got anything else on my plate.

It turns out I like scrambled eggs after all and that apparently I can’t play the piano anymore. Well, I mean, I can, of course I can. But I’m rusty as hell and really need to put more time into practice. And this morning I forgot the key code to open the door at work.

I like spaceships. Make of that what you will.


Garry with 2 Rs

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