Cracker night is a strange night to decide to have a quiet one.

Neither Kim nor I were in the mood for crowds or loud music, but there's no getting past it; fireworks are pretty.


We took a walk around the Nightcliff foreshore, watching clever locals doing their best to blow themselves up and getting a nice view of the professional show at Mandorah across the harbour. Eventually we ended up at the Nightcliff jetty.

This was by far the best place to watch cracker night. We could see along the coast in both directions, along Casuarina Beach and across the mangroves towards East Point. There were plenty of people setting off nice fireworks right on the Nightcliff rocks too, and the people who live along there can afford the good stuff.

To top it off, we watched most of the official Mindil display as it flew above the trees. We must have stood on the end of the jetty just watching the colours in the seabreeze for an hour or so. It was actually one of the better cracker nights I've ever had.

Make of that what you will.


Garry with 2 Rs


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