It’s been a while between posts, hasn’t it? Normally when this happens, I come up with some pathetic excuse to explain why I’ve been neglecting my blog, usually involving interstate travel, or a lack of inspiration or falling in love or whatever.

This time…

Well I’ve just been busy, okay? I’ve decided to take my theological studies to the next level, and have enrolled full time at Trinity College in Brisbane. I’m knocking out as much of a Masters in Theological Studies as I can, so if I’ve been a little lax in producing a steady fortnightly stream of mindless drivel, it’s just because I’m thoroughly absorbed in ancient wisdom, profound mystery and theological revelation.


Also, I’m as much a lazy goof-off as I’ve ever been .

It’s interesting being a full-time student again. I feel like I’m reclaiming some of my old contemplative patterns. ie. If you happen to find me staring out the window doing apparently nothing, it’s because I’m contemplating the deeper truths of the universe, as opposed to trying to find a decent punchline for a story about cooking paella, like it was before.

So yeah. It’s possible some of my posts from here on out are going to start taking on a theological or ecclesiological flavour, but that’s nothing new, I guess. Rest assured they will remain as unpredictable, bucket-brained and pointless as ever. Only now that pointlessness will be expressed at a post-graduate level.

Make of that what you will.


Garry with 2 Rs

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